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A new article from The New York Times' T Brand Studio tells the story of Norfolk Southern's technology-driven quest to redefine the world of transportation. 

Titled "Brainpower Meets Horsepower," the piece provides an up-close look at NS' modern railroad, describing how "Norfolk Southern is using automation, machine learning and predictive analytics to optimize its network ... so that people and machines can help shape the future of America's rail system." 

The article offers insights from key NS technologists who discuss the "lattice of artificially intelligent technologies" the company has built to power its railroad of the future. From a fleet of "self-driving locomotives" to a cache of "150,000 predictive models," these experts describe how NS is using innovative tools and techniques to execute an integrated technology strategy that enhances safety and efficiency and allows American industry to move freight more reliably. 

To read more about NS' forward-looking vision and learn how artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation are driving the next great rail age, be sure to check out the entire article here