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Norfolk Southern is continuing to leverage technology to transform its intermodal operations, this time with a mobile app - ExpressNS. Truck drivers dropping off and picking up containers at NS' intermodal terminals can use this innovative tool to streamline their experience at the terminal and make operations run more efficiently. 

Before drivers arrive at the terminal gates, ExpressNS allows them to preplan their visit by submitting information about their shipments in advance. At the terminal, drivers use the app to scan in at automated gates, skipping standard entry lines and the need to manually input information. Once drivers enter the facility, ExpressNS provides them with precise GPS data to locate the drop-off and pick-up points for their containers and automatically generates an electronic receipt once a pick-up or drop-off occurs.

With all of these important capabilities tied directly into the ExpressNS app, drivers can manage their entire terminal experience on their mobile phone – anytime, anywhere. That’s logistics reimagined, all on a device that fits in the palm of your hand.