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A crane that can read. Machines that talk to each other. An invisible shifting web that adapts to its surroundings. While these tools may sound like the makings of a futuristic robotic workforce, they are already hard at work today in Norfolk Southern’s bustling intermodal yards.

NS is deploying “smart” equipment to more intelligently manage its complex yard operations. From our rubber-tire gantry crane that can read container labels and track equipment to our advanced kinetic mesh network that allows for seamless communication between a yard’s many moving parts, NS is leveraging a number of innovative technologies to gain an end-to-end view of its intermodal operations and optimize decision-making.

Perhaps most exciting, NS’ use of these remarkable devices is just the beginning of further efforts to automate yard operations. As we move forward, NS will continue to strategically integrate new technologies into its terminal infrastructure, reimagining an even more efficient and reliable railroad for today and the future.