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On the way to becoming the railroad of the future, there is much work to be done. The people at Norfolk Southern are energized to lead this important and pioneering effort. What is the future of technology at NS? 

Wai Wong, Counsel for Technology and Strategic Communications, sat down with John Scheib, Norfolk Southern’s Chief Legal Officer and EVP Law and Administration, to discuss the topic.

During their conversation, John underscored the importance of continuing to develop and showcase new rail innovations, noting that “technology is going to open the door to a bright future for the railroads, particularly when we can apply it in so many different areas – to make us more efficient, to make us safer, and to give us the opportunities to help our customers grow their business.”

John also noted that while NS is and always has been “a technology company,” moving forward, “we’re going to take a lead on this topic. We’re really on the cusp of an exciting future.”

The takeaway: there is much to be done as we work to become the railroad of the future, but NS is energized to lead this important and pioneering effort. “At Norfolk Southern, we want to reimagine possible, and we need everyone to help us achieve that vision.”

To learn more about technology at NS watch the entire interview with John Scheib here.